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We Schlep to You!

How many times have you thought it would be nice if your laundry washed and folded itself? Well, that actually can happen!

North Shore Clothes Cleanic puts the magic in laundry by providing pick-up and delivery service for laundry – and dry cleaning, too! Call us to pick up your dirty laundry and the next day you will have clean clothes to put in the drawer or hang in the closet. It’s that simple!

What happens to dirty laundry?

  • Laundry is entered in our computer system under your name and phone number
  • Items to be hung wet and your specific wash instructions, as written and put in the bag, are noted
  • Laundry is sorted, spotted for stains, washed and dried at correct temperatures, folded, and packaged in plastic.
  • Clothing is packaged separately from large items such as blankets, conforters, and rugs. Clothing, sheets, and towels are charged by the pound, while large items are priced individually. The mimimum charge for clothing is $16.75 for up to and including the first 15 lbs and 85 cents/lb for every pound above 15 lbs.
  • Our system is updated with the total cost of pound laundry and individual items.
  • Clean laundry is returned the following day. Payment is accepted by check or in cash.


What about dry cleaning?

  • Dry cleaning can be picked up with laundry or by itself. Most clients have both picked up at the same time. Just put dry cleaning in a separate bag.
  • Computer tickets are written for dry cleaning and laundered business shirts.
  •  Dry cleaning is returned 2 days from pick-up.
  • All laundered shirts and dry clean clothing are priced per piece. Shirts on a hanger are $1.75. Dry cleaning prices start at $4.25 for pants, sport coats, ties, …
  •  We do not pick up shirts only.