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What are your hours?
We are open Mon-Fri, 7am – 10pm, and 7am – 9pm, Sat & Sun.

Is there parking?
We have an off-street parking lot.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept cash and check only.

Do you recycle?
We recycle all plastic bottles and ask our self-service laundry customers to do the same. We also reuse hangers that are returned by dry cleaning customers.



Do I need to separate my laundry?
No. We will sort your laundry into whites, light colors, and dark colors.

Do you charge extra for bleach?
No – bleach, detergent, and softener are included. Please tell us which you products you do not want us to use.

Can I put delicate items in my laundry?
If you have items that are to be washed cold or air dried, put them in a separate bag with a note indicating your request. When your laundry is sorted, we will check for items that should not be dried.

Is there a minimum charge?
The minimum order size is 15lbs. Orders weighing up to and including 15 lbs is $12.75.

Are all items charged by the pound?
Clothing, sheets, and towels are charged by-the-pound. Large items, such as blankets, comforters, mattress pads, and rugs, are charged by-the-piece.

What happens if I forget to separate my dry clean items?
We will check your laundry for dry clean only items when your laundry is sorted. We will call for approval to dry clean those items.

What laundry products do you use?
We use commercial detergent and softener that are made for us. They are mildly scented and non-irritating. If you have sensitive skin or prefer you own products, you are welcome to leave your soap and softener. We will write your name on your bottles and return them to you after use.

Do you itemize my laundry?
Drop laundry service is a bulk process. We do not write a list of every piece in your laundry. Remember that your laundry is handled individually and not washed or dried with anyone else’s

Do you fold or hang my clothes?
Most clothing is folded and packed in clear plastic bags. We will hang pants, jackets, shirts, and collared T-shirts. Please tell us which items you would like on hangers.

Do you have same-day service?
We can process your laundry the same day you drop it off.
We open at 7am every day and close at 10pm, Mon – Fri, and at 9pm, Sat & Sun.

Do you wash rugs?
Yes, if they are machine washable. Rugs will glued backs are not machine washable. They will be steam-cleaned by our rug specialist.

Can you wash UGG’s?
Yes, we use a special process for cleaning UGG’s.

Can you restore yellowed garments?
Most yellowed garments can be restored using a special process.


Dry Cleaning

How do you keep your prices so low?
We cut the frills not the quality. We may not put tissue paper in sleeves, but your sleeves will be clean and pressed.
Also, we do not accept credit cards. We refuse to pass your money to the credit card companies.

How soon came I get my garments back?
Please allow 2 days for the return of your garments. For heavily soiled items, please allow more time.

Can you take out every stain?
Honestly, maybe! While we try our best to remove stains, not every stain comes out. Old stains can change fabric and become extremely difficult to remove. Stains that have been washed and set by drying will also be difficult to remove.

Why do my clothes have stains that were not there before?
There are certain types of stains that become visible after a garment is cleaned. We will re-clean the garment but the stains are not always removable.

Why has the color of my shirt faded under the arms?
Many antiperspirants contain acid salts that will weaken fabric. Perspiration also weakens fabric. You may notice the weakening as a loss of color or tear.

Do you dry clean down comforters?
Yes, but know that almost all down comforters are washable.

Do you dry clean pillows?
Pillow covers are dry cleanable, but pillow inserts should be washed. We will carefully wash pillows with non-removable covers.

Do you offer pick-up and delivery?
Yes, we run a daily route Mon-Fri. Just give us a call at 516-869-8865.